Sunday, May 11, 2014

To Dye For

Hi! Thanks for checking out my new blog. I don't 
consider myself an expert but I definitely spend most of my 
time shopping, getting dressed up, and shooting photos. 
SO, here is me doing all of that in blog form!

This summer I am all about bright colors, loose knit fabrics 
and tie dye; especially when it comes from O-Mighty. 
This soft, vibrant tie dye halter from O-Mighty is paired 
with a flowy gauze skirt from Urban Outfitters. I added 
Y.R.U. white creepers to give it a sporty look while 
heart shaped sunglasses and a velvet choker tie it all together.

Photos by Taryn Carter
Instagram @6twenty7
Stylist and Model: Brittany Bao
Instagram @Brittanybao